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About Robeks

What makes Robeks Different?

Value, Fun, Nutrition, Variety, Energy and flavor you’ll never get from products created in a chem lab…

How’s that for a start? Then add:

The Industry classifies Robeks as a Premium Juice Bar

  1. We use only 100% pure juice & vine-ripened fruit. Never any added sugar, syrups, flavorings or other junk
  2. We have a wide variety of smoothies, juices, food, snacks and nutrition products to satisfy our most discerning guests
  3. Our team has a passion for product quality and customer service. We are proud of what we do and we do it for you!
  4. Fantastic Promotions!

Customer Testimonials

Kids Love Robeks Too!

“I was unloading my dishwasher while the kids (ages 2 & 4) were getting their jackets on to go to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. When they saw me pull out my Robeks mug, they both screamed “Yeah! We’re going to Robeks.” Works for me!”

– Jenny T.

Sustained Energy

“During a six hour mountain bike race, I used Larabars (from Robeks) to sustain my energy when times got rough.”

– Alan B.

Energizing Weight Loss

“In the last two weeks after drinking Robeks Smoothies (Awesome Acai) and with moderate exercise, I have lost 12 pounds. And better yet, I feel great and have an increase in energy!”

– Johnny H.